ZHI in Boston - 2005
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ZHI in Boston - 2005

Boston Early Music Festival & Exhibition Once again Zuckermann Harpsichord International had a group of instruments at the Boston Early Music Festival And Exhibition. ZHI brought three harpsichords: a German double, a D. Jacques Way Flemish single, and a Benside Spinet after Logan. We also brought three clavichords: a small fretted clavichord (our "King of Sweden" model), an unfretted clavichord designed after eighteenth-century Central German models, and a fretted clavichord made in the 1950's in England and recently refurbished by the Stonnington shop. In the center of the room was a 17th C. Italian harpsichord that is believed to have been shipped to Mexico during the initial Spanish conquest. This instrument was recently purchased in Mexico City and was sold at auction at Stonington on July 2nd.

Visitors to the ZHI room had the opportunity to hear sensational "room concerts" by three fine American performers. The room was very crowded (at one time, your webmaster counted 27 squeezed into the room), and photographic conditions were less than ideal; therefore, apologies for photo quality are in order.

R. P. Hale in concert

R.P.Hale, an interdisciplinary artist, harpsichord maker and historian from Concord, NH. R.P. teaches harpsichord, clavichord and hammer-dulcimer, and art and astronomy, at St. Paul's School in Concord, is an organist and music-minister with the Episcopal Church. In February he celebrated thirty years of harpsichord making by inaugurating his 26th Zuckermann instrument, a Flemish Double that he built for St.Paul's School. His acclaimed concert "La Música Gloria de México" features recent archive findings from Mexico and Central America, with some anthems dating to the Aztec period. A scholar in the Mayan and Aztec culture R.P. travels the country giving recitals and conducting workshops. His mini-recital featured some of these Hispanic/Mexican/Aztec pieces.

Carol lei Breckenridge in concert Dr. Carol lei Breckenridge, harpsichordist, clavichordist, and fortepianist, teaches at Central College in Iowa, has played and taught widely in this country, and in 2002 had the distinction of being one of the few (perhaps the only!) American clavichordists to give master classes on that instrument at the University of Transylvania in Brasov, Romania (the instrument she took with her was a ZHI "King of Sweden" built for her by her fellow Iowan Ed Kottick).

Sheli Nan in concert Sheli Nan, from Berkely, CA, is a composer, author, and teacher who plays piano, harpsichord and percussion. Recent harpsichord performances included appearances in Havana, Cuba and Buenos Aires, Argentina. At BEMFA-2005 she played her own music, a blend of jazz and European classical sounds, concluding her presentation with "Boogy Woogy Bach".

The room in a less crowded moment This is a photo of the room in a less crowded moment. Richard Auber, ZHI President, is in the foreground in the far left. In the background in the far right is Tatiana Nivina, ZHI's talented decorator/artist. Throughtout the week she decorated small (about 8 inches tall) "soundboards" to the delight of all.

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