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Bentside Spinet After Logan

Bentside Spinet after Logan The Stonington shop was selected to perform a complete restoration of a late-eighteenth century spinet by the Edinburgh-based builder, James Logan. This harpsichord, bearing the date 1795, is now preserved in a domestic, private collection.

Upon completion of the restoration we decided to build a few copies of this marvelous five-octave spinet, in part because of its remarkable, commanding bass and flute-like treble. The prototypes and subsequent final versions have fortunately exhibited these exciting characteristics as well. We are pleased to make this graceful harpsichord available to our customers as a finished, playing instrument.

Bentside Spinet after Logan The Logan spinet features a beautifully hand-rubbed oil finish-perfect to bring out the natural beauty of the solid, American cherry, case wood - a 61-note reverse keyboard, a spruce soundboard and a dismountable, turned, trestle stand. Appropriate for most of the early-keyboard repertoire and portable as well, it provides the presence and range of a grand harpsichord while only taking up about six feet of wall space. For many customers our distinguished Logan spinet fulfills their musical and esthetic desires while comfortably fitting their space (76" x 30 1/2" at widest point) and budget requirements.

Custom case finishing options include French or English-polish inlaid and veneered case, bone keyboard, lid painting and keywell decoration. Custom musical finishing options include wooden jacks, stringing in antique music wire, voicing in quill.


Disposition1x8', no buff
Range61 notes: GG-g'''
Dimensionslength 76"; width 30.5" (at widest point)
Actionreverse keyboard with blackwood naturals and bone-capped sharps; Delrin jacks working in a register; strung in brass & iron
Woodcase in American cherry; spruce soundboard
Standturned trestle stand in American cherry

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