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Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord

Flemish double-manual harpsichord (petite ravalement) after instruments by Ioannes and Andreas Ruckers. Case decoration and stand based on harpsichord by Ioannes Ruckers, 1640 (Schloss Ahaus, Germany).

The Italian Virginal

Interior lid painting featuring a Venetian scene adapted from a painting by Francesco Guardi (Italian Rococo Era Painter, 1712-ca.1793). Case features casein based paint with 22K gold leaf.
Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord

2x8' & 1x4' choirs of string; buff. Hand carved traditional keyboard GG - d'''; transposable A415/A440, blackwood naturals with bone slipped sharps, pearwood arcades, Swiss pine soundboard with Ruckers style rose, antique music wire and pear wood jacks.
The Italian Virginal

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