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The Harpsichord Owner's Guide

[Cover of The Harpsichord Owner's Guide] "The Harpsichord Owner's Guide" was written by longtime ZHI agent and Professor Emeritus of musicology at the University of Iowa, Dr. Edward L. Kottick. It provides present and future owners of the instrument with a wealth of information on its history, construction, tuning and maintenance, and offers, as well, advice on purchasing a harpsichord and building from a kit.

The book has become something of a standard reference work since its original appearance over a decade ago.

It is organized as follows:

Part 1. The Harpsichord and its History

  • How the Harpsichord Works
  • A Short History of the Harpsichord
  • The Harpsichord in the Twentieth Century
  • Buying a Harpsichord
Part 2. Maintenance Techniques
  • The Tool Kit
  • The Strings
  • The Jacks
  • The Action
  • The Touch
Part 3. Troubleshooting the Harpsichord
  • String Problems
  • Jack Problems
  • Action Problems
Part 4. Care of the Harpsichord
  • Tuning, Temperaments, and Techniques
  • The Harpsichord as Furniture
  • Epilogue: The Well-Regulated Harpsichord

This newest edition was published in 1992 by The University of North Carolina Press. 180 pages. Soft cover.

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