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Italian harpsichord in Neapolitan style

Professionally built in 2006 by Ed Kottick. Full chromatic compass of 49 notes, C-d3. A=415, transposable to 440 and 392 without loss of top or bottom notes. 2x8", strung entirely in brass. Pearwood jacks, music desk and the two table stands included.

This is the prototype for our new Neapolitan kit, and was built by Ed Kottick. Both case and soundboard are in maple, as was often done in Naples in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Neapolitan sound combines a sharp Italian attack with an attractive vowel-like singing quality. Ideal for continuo or solo work. A brand-new instrument. $14,200. SOLD

Italian harpsichord in Neapolitan style

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