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ZHI Flemish Single

For years customers have asked for a quality instrument that would harmonize with today's understated décor. This version of our famous single- manual Flemish harpsichord is a handsome but simple contemporary adaptation with a natural wood finish, maple keyboard and turned stand. For those who want it we still do the traditional ornate Flemish decoration, but this less expensive version appeals to those who like its more contemporary aesthetic. Retains the range and dimensions of our Flemish XVI, with no compromise in sound or action.

SOLD. Additional being built. Call for more information or to reserve.


GG - d''', 56 + 1 notes for 440 position
Maple naturals with fruitwood sharps
2 x 8'choirs, buff - Hand stops inside the keywell
Transposable A415/A440
Dismountable stand
Length: 82" - Width: 29" - Weight: about 110 lbs
Price $11,200.00

Flemish Single-Manual Harpsichord

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