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ZHI Showroom

Welcome to the Zuckermann Harpsichords International showroom. Here you will find a list of newly built and consignment instruments now on display in our Stonington showroom or listed on consignment.

DJW Flemish Single

Unless otherwise specified, consignment instruments have undergone complete restoration by our qualified staff.

Other instruments from around the globe are listed as well.

If you would like to visit the Stonington shop, need more information or if you would like to list an instrument please call toll-free (USA) 1-888-427-7723, or elsewhere, +1+860+535+1715, or Email info@zhi.net.

Instruments now in the Stonington Shop! Straight Side & Revival Harpsichords Virginals & Spinets Flemish & Concert Harpsichords French Harpsichords Italian Harpsichords Clavichords Antiques

Recently Sold

NOTE: There are now 8 in the "Recently Sold> section (above) and 80 that were sold earlier then these 8. I'll keep this web page on-line, but hidden, for future reference.
  1. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  2. Szoltan Szabo Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  3. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  4. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord VI
  5. Zuckermann 5ft Straight Side Harpsichord (Video)
  6. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  7. King of Sweden Clavichord — Mahogany Case (Video)
  8. Zuckermann Five-Octave Concert Harpsichord Kit
  9. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord V
  10. French Double Manual Harpsichord
  11. Zuckermann Original Straight Side Spinet
  12. Single Manual Harpsichord After Vater
  13. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord I
  14. TPW French Single after Denis (Video)
  15. ZHI Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord (Video)
  16. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  17. Zuckermann Virginal III Harpsichord
  18. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  19. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  20. Zuckermann "King of Sweden" Double Fretted Clavichord
  21. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord II
  22. ZHI Flemish Double
  23. ZHI Flemish Harpsichord
  24. German Double Manual Harpsichord after Vater
  25. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  26. Double Manual Sperrhake Harpsichord
  27. Zuckermann "King of Sweden" Double Fretted Clavichord
  28. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord after Ruckers
  29. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord III
  30. Zuckermann French Double Harpsichord
  31. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  32. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord 18th Century German Builders
  33. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  34. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  35. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  36. Walter Pedal Piano
  37. Zuckermann King of Sweden Clavichord
  38. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  39. Zuckermann King of Sweden Clavichord
  40. ZHI Unfretted Clavichord IV
  41. Zuckermann 5' straight side harpsichord
  42. Zuckermann 5' straight side harpsichord
  43. ZHI Single Manual Flemish
  44. Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord
  45. Zuckermann Concert IV Harpsichord
  46. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  47. Zuckermann 5' Straight Side Harpsichord
  48. ZHI Single Manual Flemish
  49. Neapolitan Harpsichord
  50. Fortepiano by Philip Belt
  51. Bentside Spinet after Logan
  52. Zuckermann Italian Virginal
  53. Zuckermann King of Sweden Double Fretted Clavichord
  54. Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord
  55. Mandler & Schramm Unfretted Clavichordd
  56. Zuckermann Italian Virginal Harpsichord
  57. Concert IV Harpsichord
  58. ZHI Italian Virginal
  59. ZHI Flemish Double
  60. ZHI Italian Harpsichord
  61. ZHI Fretted Clavichord (KOS)
  62. ZHI Fretted Clavichord (KOS)
  63. ZHI Concert Single
  64. Neupert Double Manual Harpsichord
  65. Fretted Clavichord ("King of Sweden")
  66. Hubbard French Double
  67. ZHI Flemish Single
  68. ZHI Italian Virginal
  69. ZHI Single Manual Flemish XIV
  70. ZHI Flemish Double
  71. Single Manual Harpsichord
  72. ZHI Italian Neapolitan
  73. Fretted Clavichord ("King of Sweden")
  74. Flemish Single Additional being built (*) (*) Call for more information or to reserve.
  75. ZHI French Double
  76. Fretted Clavichord ("King of Sweden")
  77. Fretted Clavichord ("King of Sweden")
  78. Neupert Single
  79. ZHI Flemish Single
  80. ZHI 5' Straight Side Kit


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