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Wittmayer Harpsichord -- SOLD

Disposition is 8' and 4' with buff, compass is C to d''', 51 notes Reverse keyboard in ebony with white plastic-topped maple sharps. The case is veneered in a pretty red-brown straight-grained wood. It has three screw-in legs and a music desk and comes with a dust cover.

This harpsichord is in very good condition and needs only a tuning and some regulation to get it "as new" playable. Although it is a revival instrument it has been substantially upgraded. Both the jacks and the registers have been replaced. The new jacks are the Zuckermann plastic jacks, which accept Delrin or Celcon plectra. Although we cannot recommend it for performing or for a serious student, it would make a wonderful inexpensive home or personal instrument. Instrument is currently located in California.

Consignment Harpsichord - Price $2,600.

Wittmayer Harpsichord Wittmayer Harpsichord

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