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June 2008 Workshop: FAQs

Frequently asked questions about ZHI's Harpsichord, Clavichord, and Fortepiano Workshop:

My spouse/partner would like to come with me, but she/he doesn't want to attend the workshop. Will she/he have to pay the workshop fee?
Certainly not. But she or he is welcome to register for any of the dinners, concerts and receptions if she/he wants to accompany you to those gala events. In between there will be plenty for a spouse/partner to do and see in and around Stonington (see Spouses and Others).

I came to the workshop last year. Are you going to repeat the same material this time?
Take a look at the program. Just about all the material is new.

Your application form asked me which track I prefer. Do I have to stay with one track or the other?
No. You can stay with one track all the time or float back and forth, as you wish. We ask for your preference just to get an idea.

You're focusing on Bach and his sons this year, but I'm more interested in other harpsichord literature. Should I still come?
Yes. Bach and sons will be our focus, but we certainly will deal with any music suitable for harpsichord, clavichord, or fortepiano.

How will I get from the Hartford or Providence airports to Stonington?
You can check the airport for limousine services, but it will probably be best for you to rent a car, which is what most people did last year. Note that Providence airport is 45 minutes from Stonington, while Hartford is twice that distance.

I'm arriving by train. Can you pick me up?
Yes, we can do that. Let us know when you're arriving and if it's in Westerly or Mystic, and we'll get you.

How many people are going to be at this workshop?
We will need a minimum of 10 people to run the workshop, and we won't accept any more than 20. Last year we had a registration of 15, so we suggest you register as early as possible.

A key on my harpsichord sticks all the time. Will you be covering sticky keys?
We will if you want us to. The session What Do I Do When Something Goes Wrong will be based on your real - life problems. Just send your question to Ed Kottick (ed@kottick.com) and he'll be glad to try to answer it.

One of the jacks in my harpsichord sticks all the time and gives me fits. If I bring it with me will someone be able to look at it?
Certainly, bring it with you. We'd like to make the maintenance sessions as "hands on" as possible.

I'm having trouble with a few passages in some pieces I'm playing. Will there be time to talk to the faculty members about issues like this?
Yes. Carol lei Breckenridge and Peter Watchorn will be glad to talk to you one - on - one about specific problems of fingering, hand position, technique, etc. You might even want to volunteer for the masterclass and have these problems dealt with there.

Should I bring some music for the harpsichord, clavichord, and fortepiano masterclasses?
If you have some music you're working on that's appropriate, bring it with you. If you're an experienced harpsichordist and/or clavichordist or fortepianist you'll have the opportunity to get some coaching; and if you've never touched the instruments, you'll be able to learn the basics. In any event, if you'd like to participate in the master classes contact Dr. Breckenridge at breckenridgec@central.edu.

I'm a vegetarian. What about those catered luncheons and dinners?
Let us know your dietary restrictions and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

I'm thinking about buying a harpsichord, but I'm really confused by French, Flemish, Italian, one manual, two manuals, virginals, spinets, and so on. This is not like buying a piano, is it! Will I get some real help on this at the Workshop?
Believe me, by the time the workshop is over you'll have a much better handle on the types of harpsichords and the national styles. You'll have the opportunity to play and hear most of them, and to talk to the people who build them, sell them, teach them, and play them.

Will we have a chance to see how a harpsichord, clavichord, or fortepiano is constructed?
We won't be able to build an entire instrument before your very eyes, but you'll certainly see the insides. And Richard Auber will give a description of the process right in the Zuckermann shop.

I'm a new clavichord owner and I'm having difficulty tuning. Also, I'm confused about temperaments. Will this workshop help me?
Yes. Tuning skills will be stressed, and Richard Auber will discuss the different temperaments and how they are used. There will be one - on - one opportunities for tuning lessons.

I'm building a harpsichord right now and I'm not sure if I should do a soundboard painting. It looks complicated and I understand there are various "styles" of soundboard painting. Will I learn about soundboard decoration?
Yes, you will. We'll tell you which instruments are decorated on their soundboards, how they differ in style, and Tatyana Nivina will guide you through the process.

Will we be celebrating Ed Kottick's birthday again?
Well, he will be a year older. . . .

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