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Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord Kit

[Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord] The harpsichords built by the Ruckers family were famous throughout Europe in the 16th through the 18th centuries. Their clear and precise sound was as much admired then as now. The Flemish Double's range of 56 notes covers all of Bach's works, and its clarity of tone suits his contrapuntal style. This is probably our most versatile instrument, as it is easy to transport and useful for the entire body of early keyboard music.
[Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord]


Disposition 2x8', 1x4', buff; stop levers in keywell
Range 56+1 notes: GG-d3, transposable A415/A440 without loss of top d'''
Dimensions length 86.6"; width 33.86"; depth of case 10.24"
Weight about 143 lbs
Action two reverse keyboards with ebony naturals, bone-slipped sharps and pearwood arcades; brown delrin jacks
Wood case in lime or basswood; oak wrestplank; bottom and lid in solid wood; spruce soundboard
Assembly braces tongue and grooved or dovetailed
Stand turned in oak, dismountable
Music Desk in oak, angle adjustable
Instructions manual in English with photographs; full-size mylar drawing (for Stage 2; paper for Stages 3 or 4)
Level of difficulty Some Experience
  • Stage 2, case assembled, reverse keyboards
  • Stage 3, soundboard installed (with ZHI rose)
  • Stage 4, woodwork complete (with ZHI rose)
  • Stage 5, playing, undecorated (with ZHI rose)
  • Traditional bone keyboards (all stages)
  • Wooden jacks
  • Three registers
  • Swiss pine soundboard

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