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ZHI Neapolitan Harpsichord Kit

With a disposition of 2x8', a C-d3 chromatic compass and its transposable keyboard, this is a useful continuo and solo instrument. It is from the Neapolitan school of building, designed by long-time associate Dr. Edward Kottick, it is complete with a maple soundboard and complex, elegant moldings.

ZHI Neapolitan Single Manual Harpsichord, Stage 2


Disposition:2x8', one stop lever in keywell.
Range:51+2 notes, C-d3 chromatic; transposable A392/A415/A440 without loss of top d3.
Dimensions:length 81.25"; width 32" depth of case 7.75"
Weight:about 40 pounds.
Action:keyboard with boxwood naturals and cherry sharps; Wood jacks working in box guides; strung in brass.
Wood:case, soundboard, bridge, nut, and moldings in maple.
Stand:turned beech
Instructions:manual in English with color photos, on CD; full-size paper drawing
Level of difficulty:intermediate
Options: Stage 2: case assembled
Stage 3: case assembled and soundboard installed
Stage 4: woodwork complete
Italian style soundboard rose
Outer case with lid

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