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Harpsichords, clavichords, spinets and virginals ... closely based on the best extant antiques from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Build your own virginal harpsichord starting with $175

Many people from around the world have successfully built harpsichords from Zuckermann kits and so can you! With the Troubadour virginal harpsichord we make it possible for you to start with only certain parts and build at your own pace to accommodate your budget.

Drawing and construction manual $175

Familiarize yourself with the instrument and prepare for the construction with a full-scale mylar drawing and construction manual CD.

Case parts and bottom $985

The precision-cut maple case parts include all sides of the case, cheeks, nameboard, nameboard batten and jackrail. The basswood bottom with old fashion cut-nails and oak wrestplank are included as well with all liners, supports, glue blocks and tenons.

Soundboard, bridges and guide $1095

Install your old growth sitka soundboard and box guide; also included are the left and right "S" shaped bridges made from American cherry, soundboard ribs, moldings and hitchpins for strings.

Keyboard and hardware $1295

Includes everything you need to construct your 54 note C to f3, A415/A440 transposable keyboard. Natural keys covered in maple with fruitwood sharps (other keyboard are styles available). Keyframe includes the balance rail, rack, felt, balance and guide pins.

Tuning pins and Strings $145

Antique style tuning pins (with hole for string) and a complete Troubadour virginal string set with stringing schedule.

Jacks $585

A set of antique style wood jacks with celcon plectra and damper felt


  • Screw in taper legs add $340
  • Brass hinged lid and flap add $870
  • Italian style parchment soundboard rose add $210
  • Ruckers style rose add $55
  • Case painting kit add $148

Complete kit minus options: $3,850.

Call for more information and to order!

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