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Harpsichords, clavichords, spinets and virginals ... closely based on the best extant antiques from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The "Troubadour" Virginal Harpsichord

Contrary to current fashion, the "Troubadour" wasn't designed "after" any particular antique, although we did study a whole range of southern European virginals. The "Troubadour" is lightly built, but strong enough so that it doesn't require an outer case. The exterior is a simple, naturally finished maple enlivened by cherry case moldings, or decorated with colors of your choice.


  • 1x8', 54 notes. C to f3, transposable to A 415 or 440
  • Extra key in the bass, allowing you to tune any note you want below the low C; or you can tune the bass to a GG/BB short octave.
  • Maple naturals with fruitwood sharps, sitka spruce soundboard.
  • Removable music desk, delrin jacks and antique style music wire.
  • The instrument is 22" at the widest point from front to back (keyboard-front to spine), 52" in length with a case height of 7.50".
  • The instrument weighs 48 lbs.

See the Troubadour video.

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