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The Zuckermann Harpsichords Internship Program

The Zuckermann Internship Program proves to be an unparalleled experience for anyone who is interested in historically-based keyboard instruments from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. From design to building, regulating and repairing Zuckermann interns will experience the work of building and learn many of the skills necessary for making a fine harpsichord or clavichord in a shop environment. The program is intended to provide the knowledge and experience that an intern can readily apply to future challenges and professional pursuits.

Creating a "real-life" experience interns will become a member of the Zuckermann shop creating opportunities that will allow the intern to work with leading craftsmen and artisans gaining knowledge and insight about harpsichords, clavichords and the day to day operations that are vital to a successful instrument shop. The intern will become a part of the community, attend special events and use the skills he or she already possesses to enrich the shop atmosphere. Interns may wish to focus on woodworking, maintenance and regulation, musical finishing, playing or performing.

Selection is based primarily upon interest in music and knowledge of harpsichords and early music in particular. Academic credentials, relevant training or experience, letters of recommendation, and the expressed goals of the potential intern will be used to determine acceptance. The specific dates and duration of the internship are arranged with the shop director. However, interns generally will work a minimum of twenty to thirty-five hours per week at three months intervals.

ZHI Intern Program
For more information or to apply for internship, please contact us.

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