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Harpsichord Gilding Kits

Historically, Flemish harpsichords were usually not gilded except for the rose, if one was included. The French tradition of ravalement, however - which involved the enlargement of existing Flemish instruments - provided examples of "Flemish" instruments with French-style decoration, which essentially means that you can gild your Flemish harpsichord in a French manner if you wish.

Reverse keyboards with extended compass, blackwood naturals and bone-slipped sharps are characteristic of a French ravalement and the keyboard style should match the case decoration.

A decorative scheme for a French harpsichord would include gold around the case on the case rim moldings, the jackrail, case front rail (located under the lower manual keys), bands on the inside of the lid and flap as well as bands on the outside of the case.

French harpsichords with a Louis XVI - style stand would have the great molding entirely covered with gold. The corner boxes and rails would normally be outlined in gold, with gilded rosettes and gold on the flutes of the legs and at the base of each foot for added elegance.

Gilding is not difficult. We supply a quality gold size in our gilding kits. This special varnish is applied to the areas to be gilded and allowed to dry until it becomes tacky. The gold leaf is then laid upon the size. We also include pads of leather to apply the size, a soft brush and a sufficient quantity of the finest 22k gold.

Clear and complete instructions, including details of the classical layout, enable you to render a handsome decoration on your own instrument.

Gilded French Double Manual Harpsichord

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