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ZHI Showroom

Welcome to the Zuckermann Harpsichords International showroom. Here you will find a list of newly built and consignment instruments now on display in our Stonington showroom or listed on consignment.

DJW Flemish Single

Unless otherwise specified, consignment instruments have undergone complete restoration by our qualified staff.

Other instruments from around the globe are listed as well.

If you would like to visit the Stonington shop, need more information or if you would like to list an instrument please call toll-free (USA) 1-888-427-7723, or elsewhere, +1+860+535+1715, or Email info@zhi.net.

Instruments now in the Stonington Shop! Straight Side & Revival Harpsichords Virginals & Spinets Flemish & Concert Harpsichords French Harpsichords Italian Harpsichords Clavichords Antiques

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