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Restored R.K.Lee Italian Double

The beautifully restored Italian double was originally made by R.K.Lee in 1952. The Zuckermann staff restored the original soundboard, re-strung and voiced the instrument and even re-design the dampening system by incorporating adjustable slides on the jacks.

The mid-century modern-style outer case has a black lacquer finish with solid brass strapping around the edges. The inner case is made from solid cherry and is home to the beautifully accentuated solid ebony accidental keys that have been surfaced veneered with burled rosewood and inlaid with ivory stringing, and the studs on the keys, register and coupling are all carved with ivory.

This unique sounding instrument has not only been used in classical concerts, but also by modern composer José Beviá in conjunction with one of our French doubles, to produce a classical modern piece of music that really shows the full range of this instrument. His new album is out and a sample can be heard here, featuring a piece of music the R.K.Lee is featured in. An improvisation using the R.K.Lee by Dr. Peter Watchorn is featured in the video below.

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