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Alejandro Castellón Pérez

en Español

Pérez Alejandro is a native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México and was born into the family that pioneered piano tuning, restoration and reconstruction in the same city. His grandfather, Sebastián Castellón founded the family business, Castellón Pianos, in 1926.

Alejandro's father Carlos specialized and worked as a piano technician in the United States in the 60s. Upon his return to Guadalajara he continued in the family business. He soon became the most renowned piano technician and tuner in Mexico. Mexico was coming to him to learn how to tune, rebuild and restore pianos - the secrets of the trade.

In his youth, Alejandro was constantly surrounded with keyboard instruments, their parts and mechanisms, and learning the secrets of the trade. In 1991 he decided to join the family business and make his career in the same. The business grew exponentially and now has a base of clients countrywide. Most notable are the University of Guadalajara, the Autonoma University of Guadalajara, School of Music of San Luis Potosi, Instituto Universitario de Bellas Artes of Colima, and the Cultural Center of Zapopan.

Castellón Pianos is the proud and exclusive distributor in Mexico for Zuckermann Harpsichords International, Dampp-Chaser Corporation (humidity controls for pianos), and PianoDisc (computer systems for pianos).

Since 2000, Alejandro has continued to grow as a professional by annually attending seminars and trainings in the United States and Mexico. He has trained with Zuckermann Harpsichords, Yamaha, Steinway, and PianoDisc. He will be attending future seminars at Steinway and the Piano Technicians Guild.

Castellón Pianos provides services throughout Mexico. They specialize in tuning, restoration and reconstruction of keyboard instruments. They are dealers for new Bechstein pianos. In addition they sell and service Zuchermann harpsichords. They install and maintain computerized systems by PianoDisc and Disklavier, recording strips in acoustic pianos, humidity controls by Dampp-Chaser, and the innovative Wapin system. Castellón Pianos rents and sells new and used pianos, harpsichords and clavichords. (directly and on consignment).

Alejandro & Family Member in good standing of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Castellón Pianos
Liceo 536
Colonia Centro Histórico
Guadalajara, Jalisco
CP 44280 México
(33) 3613-1548
(33) 3615-9851
(33) 3585-1796 FAX
(33) 3585-1797
EMail: contacto@castellonpianos.com
Web: http://www.castellonpianos.com/

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