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Richard Kingston

Kingston-Zuckermann harpsichord, Done in 2001, owned by University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Richard Kingston is recognized internationally as one of the top makers of harpsichords. He built over three hundred hand crafted harpsichords during his career for leading schools, orchestras, churches, individuals and collectors.

The motto do one thing, and do it well, was central to his work. Relatively few models emerged from his studio through the years. However, each of those models was carefully honed and refined to meet his exacting standards, always achieving notable tone, sensitive actions, beauty and reliability.

In 1991, an international panel of jurors led by Martin Skowroneck, unanimously awarded Richard the top honor of International Award for Excellence in Instrument Building. In 2004, Richard was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society, now the Historical Keyboard Society of North America.

The making of new Kingston Harpsichords concluded with the renowned Opus 333. Richard now focuses on service and supplies for his many clients, and assisting in the buying and selling of his instruments as they become available.

Richard has enjoyed his association with the staff of Zuckermann Harpsichords International, and long admired the quality workmanship and high professional standards of the company. He came to realize some years ago that Zuckermann Harpsichords International would best represent his harpsichords and provide service and parts for his many clients in the future. Zuckermann Harpsichords International has agreed to do this. They now have full rights and ownership of all of his designs, molds and parts.

Richard's first harpsichords were original Wally Zuckermann kits. Later, David Way sent two of the new designs to Richard to assemble as test runs prior to public release.

Richard would very much like the opportunity to build some of the current models, especially the Parisian and Flemish offerings, and is seeking prospective owners for these instruments.

He looks forward to time spent with the Stonington staff, as well sharing his experience and love of the harpsichord with others, especially builders.

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