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Nathan J. Bayreuther

Nathan Bayreuther Nathan Bayreuther is an organist, pianist and harpsichordist, currently working as Director of Music Ministry for the First Congregational Church in Madison, Connecticut. Nathan acquired a Zuckermann Flemish Single second-hand, upgraded the action and had it professionally fine-tuned at the Stonington shop. He has introduced the harpsichord to his congregation, raised tremendous interest in the instrument and added a new dimension to Sunday worship services.

Nathan also works as a self-taught recording engineer, recording for various soloists, ensembles and orchestras. He has made several visits to the Stonington shop to record the different harpsichords with his mobile recording unit, creating CDs and audio clips for the Zuckermann website. He hopes to have a small recording studio in his house finished by the winter.

More about Nathan can be found at www.nathanbayreuther.com.

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