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Mark Roark Chartier

Mark Roark Chartier is both an instrument builder and a performer. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of California, where he was active in the early music ensembles. He spent ten years in Spain restoring historic pipe organs and giving concerts of early music. He later spent some time in Poland, where he refurbished a small pipe organ. He has built numerous instruments including harpsichords, clavichords, psalteries and a positive organ. One of his favorite commissions was the complete restoration of an early nineteenth-century flute-playing clock.

Mr. Chartier is a specialist in the maintenance, regulation, repair and restoration of historic keyboard instruments. These include not only harpsichords, but pipe organs and reed organs as well. His skill in voicing, action set-up and regulation, and action rebuilds of harpsichords has helped many an instrument sound and play very nicely.

As a performer, Mr. Chartier gave didactic concerts in Spain, playing recorders, psaltery, harpsichord, clavichord, harmonium and pipe organ. In the United States, he has given lectures and demonstrations on early keyboard instruments, Spanish organs and historic playing techniques, in addition to playing an occasional concert.

Along with classical guitarist John Waldo, Mr. Chartier can be heard on the Blair Works© compact disc release, Positively Beautiful – positive organ and classical guitar. This recording showcases the performance, composing, arranging, and instrument building of Mr. Chartier. The recording can be heard at www.blairworks.biz.

His workshop is based near Springfield, Missouri.

Italian Harpshichrd
Italian harpsichord built from ZHI parts. Additions to kit include cherry rose, inlaid cherry banding and wooden travelling crates for the instrument and its stand.

Top View: Italian Harpshichrd
Top view of treble side of the Italian harpsichord, showing cherry banding inlaid across the jack rail and down the center of the cap mouldings.

Italian Harpshichrd
Positive organ designed and built by Mr. Chartier. It is featured on the CD recording Positively Beautiful -- positive organ and classical guitar.

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