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Donald Fels

Mr. Donald Fels experience as a maker of historical keyboard instruments makes him eminently qualified to assist those interested in purchasing or completing the various historical keyboard instruments kits made by Zuckermann Harpsichords International. For those interested in having their instruments decorated the services of Elisabeth Weerkamp-Fels can be called upon where custom soundboard painting and the decoration of instruments with Flemish block papering is required.

Donald continues to work closely with Zuckermann Harpsichords and his career as a musical instrument maker and restorer covers a span of 40 years. He has built a wide variety of historical keyboard instruments including

  • early Italians
  • spinets
  • fretted clavichords
  • an exact replica of the 1773, Dulcken fortepiano in the Smithsonian (under the direction of the eminent forte-piano maker Philip Belt)

In addition, to working from his own drawings and printing his own block paper; he made a series of hand molding planes to replicate the moldings found on the Italian and Flemish instruments. His most recent project is a copy of the 1642 Ruckers petite ravelment double manual harpsichord with a range of G to d3 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Donald recent discoveries of the various old masters painting mediums, varnishes and studio practices of the 15th to the 17th century are the results of his years of experience working from historical documents on the arts of painting and related crafts. In 2001 in his book; "Lost Secrets of Flemish Painting" the first complete English translation of the De Mayerne Manuscript, B.M. Sloane 2052 was published.

Painting and drawing studies at the Art Student League, in New York, combined with his collaboration, from 1991 till 2009, with the renowned oil painter, in the Baroque style, Frank Mason, has made possible his insight into 16th and 17th century painting and craft making practices. For more information visit www.amberalchemy.com

Donald Fels and his wife, Elisabeth Weerkamp-Fels have continued with their careful research of the historical legacy of manuscripts that describe the lost craft and practices of the Golden Age of harpsichord and early painting techniques.

You can contact Mr. Fels directly by telephone: 3143-3112153
Mailing address: Postbus 54, 6245 ZH Eijsden The Netherlands


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