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Craig W. Hazelbaker Craig W. Hazelbaker

Craig W. Hazelbaker performs with the Cedar Rapids Concert Chorale, the choral voice of the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra; he has been a soloist with the CRSO, and his Italian harpsichord has been the featured continuo keyboard in that symphony twice in the last two seasons.

Originally from Montana where he studied electrical engineering, Craig came to Iowa to study music at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where Dr. Ed Kottick incited his enthusiasm for harpsichords. He majored in piano, but has a wide interest in many genres, including not only the "early" keyboard repertoires, but also the classic, esoteric forms of Celtic music.

Craig W. Hazelbaker His current fleet of instruments built from Zuckermann parts is a French double 8-8-4, an Italian 2x8, and a fretted clavichord.

Email: craigh@softronicsltd.com.

Craig W. Hazelbaker

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