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Lawrence Hutchens

CLICK for larger image of West Coast Showroom Lawrence Hutchens has worked closely with Zuckermann Harpsichords International for many years His West Coast showroom features some the finest early keyboard instruments on display.

For twenty five years Lawrence has been building harpsichords and organs on a professional basis. He majored in organ performance and studied with Robert Pritchard and Ladd Thomas.

Lawrence began a professional boys choir and was the artistic director for three years. The choir performed statewide and the highlight was doing the Bernstein "Mass" for twenty performances with a large symphony orchestra, and adult mixed choir, rock band and soloists. Afterwards Lawrence continued with choral directing and playing organ at local churches for the next eighteen years. He currently studies harpsichord with Ilene Thornberg who teaches at Stanford.

Lawrence works in the West Coast Showroom with Curtis Berak who has for 25 years provided instruments to numerous organizations like the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Hollywood bowl, Da Camera Society, LA Opera, LA Chamber Orchestra and many others. He also maintains early keyboard instruments for the University of Southern California, Clairmont Graduate School, Colborne School to name just a few. Curtis is proud to be part of the West Coast showroom and had this to say: Lawrence goes to any length to achieve the results he is after. He has the highest standards for the harpsichords on display. These instruments are meticulously finished. Using Zuckermann parts and completed instruments from the Zuckermann shop he strives to offer the best harpsichords available.

Lawrence has many fine instruments available and welcomes visitors to his showroom. To contact Lawrence or for inquiries regarding the West Coast Showroom, please email ljhutchens@earthlink.net, or telephone (562) 607-1045.

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