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Gene Lukensmeyer

Gene Lukensmeyer studied music at Long Beach City College in California. An accomplished oboe player he enlisted and played with the U.S. Air Force band touring the world from 1961 to 1965. Soon after he would turn his attention to the keyboard. Apprenticing and working in many piano shops he soon would find himself employed as a piano tuner, regulator and restorer. In Gene's own words he states, "It was 1967 when I realized a fascination with the early keyboard instruments and in particular the harpsichord".

Since that time Gene has restored, repaired, designed and built numerous harpsichords and clavichords. Starting with the first of the ZHI kits (a 5' straight side) all the way through to his current project, a ZHI Flemish Double XV.

Today Gene resides in Mount Dora, Florida where he is an active builder and restorer of keyboard instruments.

Telephone: (352) 431-4424

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