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Bob Morgan

Bob Morgan has been ZHI's webmaster since June, 1996. A graduate of Louisiana State University (Industrial Technology, '62), he spent his first ten years after university with Lockheed Aircraft in Atlanta; he then was employed in several information technology organizations in Kentucky State Government, ending his career in the Governor's Office for Technology.

He has developed and maintained a number of web sites outside of his professional career. These include a site for our friend and advisors Ed Kottick and Victor Mio. For the whole harpsichord community, he developed and maintains the on-line harpsichord photo album. Websites for churches and other non-profit organizations fill the rest of his time.

Bob and his wife of 50+ years reside in Lexington, Kentucky, where, as a keyboard beginner, he enjoys plucking away at a ZHI Single-Manual Harpsichord. Alas, as the years have progressed, little time is spent at the harpsichord keyboard and much, much more time at the keyboards in his "sandbox" (below).

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