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Spotlight on Inge Holm Nygaard

Mr. Nygaard began playing piano at a young age and gave his first official concert at the age twenty in the main concert hall in Oslo. At this time he began his medical studies receiving his specialty in general surgery in 1990 and gastroenterological surgery in 1995. His main work is now in the Molde hospital located on the NW coast of Norway.

Mr. Nygaard still spends considerable time with music related activities playing piano, organ and of course harpsichord serving as the chairman for the local classical concert organizer "Musikkens Venner" and in the Molde Cathedral Committee of Church Music. He decided to build his Zuckermann Blanchet/Taskin harpsichord 2002.

The instrument is now finished and in Mr. Nygaard states:

I started the harpsichord 2002 with pauses in the construction in 2004 and 2010. The harpsichord was completed 2012. I have spent almost 1000 hours and I think this work is for the experienced person. Being my first harpsichord project ever might explain the time it took to do work but, also I was geographically alone with no advisors nearby. Fortunately I received incredible help and support from Zuckermann Harpsichords and Steve Salvatore ultimately leading to the completion of my harpsichord. I also have to brag about the manuals from ZHI with all the pedagogic and detailed explanations in how to do everything. Primarily I did not think about decorating the sound board myself, but after reading about the soundboard decoration I was "persuaded" to do it. I never painted flowers before but, also here the manuals from ZHI tell in detail how to decorate the soundboard and I think I have succeededTo build and decorate this harpsichord you need a lot of patience and have to be very precise and careful.
Zuckermann Blanchet/Taskin

Zuckermann Blanchet/Taskin

Zuckermann Blanchet/Taskin

Zuckermann Blanchet/Taskin

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