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Spotlight on Dale Reynolds

Dale Reynolds, BuilderAlthough trained as a software designer, Dale's life work has encompassed all types of design. He likes to say "good design is good design". This applies whether it is a home, a piece of furniture, a piece of software, a website, a photograph or a musical instrument.

In 2001 Dale founded EdelanTM Clavichords, a custom design studio featuring art, wall treatments, furniture and many other items. The most recent addition to the collection reflects Dale lifetime love for music and contemporary design. The work is an all-aluminum clavichord called the 6061 Clavichord. It is part of the 6061 collection. In addition to the keyboard being from Zuckermann Harpsichords, invaluable help on numerous aspects of design, voicing, etc., were provided by Zuckermann Harpsichords International throughout the entire engineering and construction cycle for the instrument.

Please visit www.clavichords.net to see the clavichord, and view videos of performances of Bach, Mozart and Brubeck.

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