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The Hubert Clavichord

The Hubert Clavichord Christian Gottlob Hubert (1714-1793) is today regarded as one of the great clavichord builders of the 18-century. Like almost all German keyboard instrument makers of his time, he was primarily an organ builder who also made harpsichords, fortepianos, and clavichords. None of his harpsichords have survived, and only one organ and two pianos, but 18 of his clavichords have endured the ravages of time. Of these, the best-known, perhaps the best-sounding, and the most-often copied, is the 1784 instrument now in the Russell Collection in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although we offer this outstanding clavichord in kit form, we are pleased to also offer it in a totaly finished version, ready to play!

With its free, resonant, robust, singing sound, this instrument is quite close to the 1784. We give you the same case measurements, fretting scheme, keyboard layout, key span, compass, soundboard area, and barring. We replicate Hubert's sophisticated method of guiding the leather-lined key ends between pins, and we even copy his fancy lid design. We place the front and sides in dadoes cut into the bottom to assure the proper lineup of the case, and we run the grain of the bottom parallel with the string band; but these are Hubert's ideas, not ours. Of course, we differ from the 1784 in some minor ways: our hinges are not quite as fancy, we close up the toolbox differently, and we have simplified our moldings and case joinery. But these are insignificant matters, and do not affect the sound. What does affect the sound is the quality of materials, and we give you the best we can find. These are fully assembled and finished instruments by our expert craftsmen. Also available in parts for the builder.


Range 54 notes: C-f''', A415 or A440, double-strung
Dimensions length 51"; width 14"; depth of case 5"
Weight app. 48 lbs.
Action reverse keyboard with blackwood naturals and bone slipped sharps; spruce soundboard
Casework natural cherry case, table, and legs, with a "natural" finish

Complete parts set for builders: $5,420
Custom finished from the Stonington shop: $15,900
Production design by Ed Kottick


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